Sunday, September 14, 2014

Mommy and Daddy left me!

Bob lecturing his parents.
Hi everybody! You are not going to believe what my parents did to me. They abandoned me! It was horrible. I don't know how to tell time but I think they were gone for about fifty years.

If it wasn't for Uncle Ian and his small human that squeals, I surely would have died. They came over and fed me and played with me a few times. I'm not sure how they knew I was in distress...maybe they saw Mommy and Daddy escape.

I gave them a very stern lecture and have kept a close eye on them since their return. They don't seem to understand that I can only protect them from bugs and other scary stuff if they stay in the house. It has been a bit of a challenge getting them back in their routines as well but I sure am glad they are home. It's getting too chilly at night to sleep without my Mommy.

Bob & his Mommy enjoying his catio.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Snuggle Season Approaches

Savannah Cat Bob & his Mommy
Hi everyone! Thanks for reading my blog. Everything is going pretty good for me lately but I'm a little worried about my Mommy. I think she might be shrinking. 

A few nights ago while I was guarding the neighborhood from the lookout on the catio, it got really cold. It confused me because I thought cold-time was over. Hot-time is nice because the windows are open and the squirrels can hear me yell at them. It's not very comfortable to snuggle on laps during hot-time though. I've been settling for the next-to-lap-snuggle but it just isn't the same. 

So, on this particularly chilly night, I jumped off my lookout and went to find Mommy's lap. It was just as warm and snuggly as I remembered! Her and Daddy gave me a bunch of kisses too, which made me pur! Then I tried to stretch out but I couldn't...not and stay on Mommy's lap. I had to curl myself up into a tight little ball to fit on her lap. I know her lap was big enough for me to stretch out during the last cold-time. This is why I am worried that she may be shrinking. 

Luckily, we figured out a way for most of me to be on her lap while the rest of me lays on a pillow next to her.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A Cat's Work Is Never Done

Bob sees all.
Hey there! Sorry I haven't blogged much lately. Now that I'm a grown-up cat, I have more responsibilities that take up most of my time. In addition to being cute and protecting our home from squirrels, I've started assisting Mommy with her new job. 

I really wish I could tell you what it is that Mommy does but I just don't get it. She still needs me to supervise though. If you can tell what is going on here, would you please explain it to me? I make my appearance at the 2:07 mark. 

Don't worry. I tasted the plaster and tested the stickiness of the tape and the sharpness of the scissors before anyone used them on Mommy. I almost lost a few whiskers but we both got through it ok.

After a long days work though, I really enjoy lounging on my Catio that I got for my Birthday. Lately though, these cats have been coming around and bothering me. They are all black with a white stripe down their backs and they smell awful. They must not bathe...ever. Disgusting! I groom myself as often as possible and never smell bad...unless I fart. I hope my parents don't let any of those smelly cats in the house because I am not sharing my toys with them.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Happy Birthday Bob!

Savannah Cat Bob on his Birthday Catio
Hi everybody! Did you know this is a special day? I didn't. It started like most Sundays at our house. We slept in a little. Then, when I saw Mommy starting to wake up, I laid across her face to make it easier for her to kiss my belly. After she was up and in her wheelchair, we played Peek-a-Boo and then I got on her wheelchair with her and snapped her headband a couple times. She loves these fun games I think of.

Then, without warning, Mommy and Daddy both started singing to me. I thought my ears were going to bleed but I tried not to let on so I wouldn't hurt their feelings because they sure seemed happy about it. Turns out, today is my very first Birthday! That means I'm one year old. 

I got my Birthday surprise a little early but I am still accepting presents. For my big Birthday surprise, my Uncle Bob, Aunt Iris, Uncle Ian, Mommy, Daddy and my big sister Nicole all worked together and made me a Catio! I love it! They are the best! When I sit on top of my big kitty tree, I can see the whole neighborhood. Mommy says I'm going to win the Mrs. Kravits award. I can't wait!
Baby Bob
It's been a pretty fun Birthday so far. Although, I don't think it's right that I had to get a Time-Out just for trying to help Daddy with some home improvement projects. I think my paws would work way better than those silly paint brushes he uses.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Savannah Cat Bob has a case of the grumpies!

Hi everybody! I'm really grumpy today. Riding in the car doesn't really bother me as long as I'm in my crate with my Pooh blanket from Auntie Pam, and Mommy is sitting next to me. Sometimes I'll ask where we're going or if we're there yet but I don't ever get upset, cry, or go peepee on myself. 

This morning, Mommy told me it was mani/pedi day so I knew we were going to go "bye-bye in the car," as Daddy says. Everything was business as usual until we pulled out of the driveway and Daddy didn't even seem to notice that Mommy wasn't with us! I immediately panicked! 

He said that she had work to do and had to stay home. They never asked me if I was agreeable to this. I was outraged and demanded that I be allowed to call Mommy on the phone! As soon as I heard her voice, and she promised she'd never make me ride in a car without her again, I was able to calm down and stop screaming. My mani/pedi went pretty smooth. I didn't speak to Daddy the whole way home though, just so he knew I was still upset.

I'm going to take a nap now in my new bed and start this day over.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Savannah Cat Bob plays carefully with his fragile Mommy.

Hi everybody! I learned something this week that made me sad. Some people think Savannah Cats like me are mean and dangerous and should not be allowed to live in homes with our humans. I know I'm kind of clumsy and fall down a lot but I only hurt myself when I do that. I love to pounce and wrestle too but I never do that with Mommy because she is small and can get hurt really easily. Instead, we play other games.  My current favorite game to play with Mommy is Bubbles!!!

Purrrrrty please share my blog with all your friends so they can see that humans and Savannah Cats belong together!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Savannah Cat Bob Tummy Troubles - Entry 233

Hi there, everybody!  Today is my 11 month birthday!  It's been a rough 11th month. First, I got that booboo on my head.  We never did figure out what it was but I'm glad it's all better. Mommy said I run into stuff so much, I probably knocked the fur right off!

Then, I had some tummy trouble. It wasn't because I ate anything bad. I just...I just do not like change and when too many things change all at once, I get upset. You won't believe what my parents did! They got a new dining room set and got rid of the old one without even discussing it with me. I was already grumpy because they kept putting that sticky medicine on my head booboo. Plus, there has been a lot of loud and scary noises coming from the front porch. Mommy keeps saying that it's a surprise for me and I'm going to love it when it's done. I'm skeptical.

So, all this stress upset my tummy and I couldn't eat. Of course, that meant I had to go back to the Vet. This time the Vet let me hide under my Pooh blanket while he examined me. He's pretty nice. Then I got an X-ray and saw what was wrong with my tummy. I had really bad gas but it wasn't coming out. Lucky for me, Mommy knew exactly what to do!

She started giving me digestive enzymes and probiotics every day. She also gave me a funny massage on my face called, Reflexology. Within 24 hours, I farted a bunch and it sure felt good! 

It took me a few days to get back to my regular routine but I feel great now. Mommy says I have to take my enzymes and probiotics forever to keep my tummy happy. Her and Daddy take them too.

Now I just have to wait and see what this surprise is...