Friday, January 24, 2014

Savannah Cat Scrabble - Entry 224

Hey there, Everybody! Sorry I haven't posted anything lately. I got neutered last week and I feel ok but...some things are a little confusing now. I still love my Mommy lots but, it's different now. I don't want to marry her anymore. I just want to snuggle and play with her. She says that's what neutering is for so I guess it worked.

Anyway, I learned a new game this week and it's super fun! It's called SCRABBLE and this is how it's played:

First, I lay on the board to warm it up while I help Mommy put her letters on the funny stick.
Then, I have to see how many letters I can swallow before Mommy gets them.
I never realized how competitive she is until now. She's really good at SCRABBLE too because I didn't get to swallow one letter! I think she almost pulled out my tonsils too!
After that, then we try to spell some words.  It's a pretty fun game. Now that you know how to play, give it a try!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Savannah Cat Henna - Entry 223

Hi, everybody!  Ya know, I have liked every human I have ever met but sometimes they are very hard to understand.  Mommy tells me all the time that I'm her handsome baby boy.  She also tells me that I'm blue but most of my fur looks grey to me.  Regardless, she thinks I'm handsome and that gets me lots of kisses so, don't tell her I'm not blue. 

Anyway, yesterday Mommy said I gave her 100 grey hairs.  I was excited when she said this at first because I thought it would be really fun if we matched.  However, she did not seems nearly as happy as I did.  

I thought I was doing a good job being her helper kitty yesterday but apparently I made a mistake.  You see, Mommy puts herbs in everything.  She puts them in my food and it makes it taste super yummy.  She puts them in her food and she even makes stuff to drink out of them.  She calls the herbs she drinks, tea.  Sometimes when she isn't looking, I sneak a few sips of her tea and I like it a lot.  Shh, don't tell on me!

Well, yesterday, I thought Mommy had lost her mind.  She mixed up a big bowl of herbs into a giant glop of mud.  Then she smeared it all over her head!  So, I took that as my cue to step in and remind her that herbs are for eating.  

I jumped up on the table where she sat and I gulped down a mouthful of her herb mud. It did not taste very good at all. It also kind of made Mommy freak out. She called and emailed all her Herbalist friends to see if I was going to get sick. 

Mommy must have known that I couldn't get that yukky taste out of my mouth because she let me eat a big pile of raw chicken and it did the trick. Then we took a catnap together and I never did get sick. 

She said that herb mud on her head is called Henna and it is not intended to be eaten by kitties but it's not deadly. She said if I had eaten more of it though, I would have had a bad case of the poops. Next time she puts herb mud on her head, I have to stay in the bedroom and play with my toys.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Bob the Savannah Cat - Entry 022

Happy New Year everybody!  It's been a pretty good year so far.  got a bunch of new toys from Hyendry Comfurt Pet Products and I love them!  Here are some pictures of me and Mommy playing.