Friday, May 30, 2014

Savannah Cat Bob Grows Up - Entry 231

Bob C. Hash, F3 Savannah Cat @ 10 months old
Hi everyone!  It's me, Bob!  I'm 10 months old now and weigh 11 lbs. Most of my time these days is spent protecting our house and training my humans and  Mommy's human helpers.

Ever since the snow went away, there has been a lot of little creatures trying to get in our house.  Mommy says they are called "bugs." Sometimes one will get inside and I have to alert the humans immediately because it's my job. Should one of those sinister looking squirrels who taunt me ever gets in the house though, Mommy said I'm allowed to eat it. I pray to Bast daily for the opportunity to dismember just one...a kitty can dream...

Anyway, training my humans is coming along pretty good. Almost every time I give them
a command, they obey.  Mommy has been the easiest to train. When I want kisses from her, I just put my face in her mouth to make it easier for her to reach me. When I want her to rub my belly, all I have to do is lay on my back. I like it when she uses her back paws.

Bob & his bubbles
Homie was a little harder to train but we have made lots of progress.  He's a bigger human than Mommy and he can walk on his hind legs. The trick with training humans is consistency. Every time I poop, I tell Homie and he scoops it. Then I grab his leg and nibble him so he knows I am pleased. When I want him to blow bubbles for me so I can meow at them, all I have to do is knock the bubbles on the floor. 
What's in your bag?
Mommy's human helpers are proving to be easier to train than I thought. Sometimes I like to reward them by putting my toys in their shoes or their bags.  Sometimes when I'm putting a toy in their bags, I see shiny stuff and then I take it. I can't help it but I am working on controlling these urges.

When I have free time, I like to play with my rubber duckies.

Sometimes I just need some privacy. I mean, I am almost a grown cat. When I need some time to myself, I like to hide in my Man Cave with my Pooh blanket.