Tuesday, October 21, 2014

They did it again!

Hi, everyone. Can you believe my parents left me AGAIN!? I do not understand. All I hear from them is - 

"You're our handsome boy" 
"You're the smartest kitty ever" 
"We love you"
"Get off there, you little butthole"

Why on Earth would they ever want to leave a cat as fantastic as me? Just look at me. Fortunately, Uncle Ian always senses when they have run off. He comes over, feeds me, and gives me snuggles when I'm in distress.
Bob - F3 Savannah Cat
15 months, 12.5 lbs
I get really frustrated with myself when Mommy and Daddy come home. I had decided to ignore them for a few days, if they ever returned. As soon they got in the house though, I caved in and started giving them kisses.