Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Bob's heathen holiday revelations

Hi everybody... I'm a little grumpy today. I have known for quite some time that my family isn't Christian and it has not bothered me...until now. As my Mommy was reading all the holiday posts in the Savannah Cat group on Facebook, I was peeking over her shoulder and realized that I am being deprived of a sacred cat appreciation ritual!

Every year at Christmas, all the Christians bring a tree into their homes for their kitties to climb. Then, they put jingly, blinky, dangly things ALL OVER the tree just so their kitties can knock them crashing to the floor. As if all that doesn't sound exciting enough, sometimes the kitties have to complete a special mission before they get to knock things off the tree. These special missions can vary in complexity. Some kitties have to hone in on their paw dexterity and open a door to get to the sacred tree. Others have to jump fences or conquer 'the stink.' Sadly, I will never know these pleasures that Christian kitties likely take for granted. 

My life is pretty good compared to a lot of other kitties lives though. When I want a piece of chicken to snack on between meals, all I have to do is give kisses. I can have catnip anytime I want, except bedtime. Mommy makes me a new toy at least once a week and Daddy let's me chew on his tasty insoles. I guess I'm one happy heathen kitty after all! Happy holidays!