Thursday, October 16, 2014

Adoption Day - One Year Anniversary

Bob in mid-pounce!
Hi there, everybody! Today is a special day for my family. One year ago today, I adopted my Mommy & Daddy! I don't remember a lot about that day, other than lots and lots of riding in the car from Auntie Pam's house to my new home. She gave me my special Pooh blanket and I still take it with me when I go on car rides.

I was a little bit scared when I first got to my new home because there are no other kitties here. No dogs or anyone else with four legs either. It didn't take me long to realize how awesome it is being the only kitty though. 
Pumpkin trickery with Bob

All the toys are mine and I don't have to share them! I never have to wait my turn to sit on anyone's lap. All the perfect nap spots are mine! I don't have to share Mommy & Daddy with anyone. Yup, it's a pretty good life I have here.