Thursday, March 6, 2014

Savannah Cat Jumps - Entry 228

Going up!
Hey, everybody!  Last week, I turned 7 months old and I almost weigh 9 lbs.  Now that I'm a big boy and can reach every inch of the house, I decided it's time to expand on the daily security services that I perform to keep my Mommy safe.  

Mommy refers to my new security services as "The Bungholing Hour."  That must be a fancy term for hard work.  During this procedure, I must jump up on every surface in the house and check for safety hazards.  When I encounter objects on these surfaces, I must slap them at least three times.  If the object falls and breaks, then that clearly shows that the object was posing a safety hazard and needed to be destroyed before it fell on my Mommy.  
Looks safe up here!