Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Bob the Savannah Cat - Entry 006

I like pretty things and Mommy says it's ok.  She loves me no matter what I like.  Thanks for finding me such a great home Aunt Pam!

Bob the Savannah Cat - Entry 005

In this new video, I'm showing off my mad Basketball skills...laundry basket ball, that is.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Bob the Savannah Cat - Entry 004

Did you know I have a YouTube channel, where I post fun videos of me helping my Mommy?  Be sure to subscribe to my channel so you can see new videos as soon as they're posted!

In the two videos below, I'm helping Mommy exercise.  She said I did a good job.

Bob the Savannah Cat - Entry 003

Being Mommy's special helper keeps me very busy.  I do safety checks  in her office every day by showing her how easy things could just fall over for no reason.  She says I inspire her to be more tidy so that must mean I'm doing a good job.  

Mommy's work makes her stressed out sometimes so another one of my duties is to make her laugh a lot.  Here are some of my moves that always do the trick!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Bob the Savannah Cat - Entry 002

Mommy feeds me on my 'Big Boy Table' but I have to supervise, in case she needs help.

First, she chops up fresh raw meat for me.
Then she drives it over to my 'Big Boy Table.'
Next, she tells me what a good boy I am for being patient.
I don't know why but sometimes Mommy puts her hand on my plate and I have to eat around her fingers.  She's silly.

Bob the Savannah Cat - Entry 001

Bob, a blue F3 Savannah Cat
Hi.  I'm Bob and I'm a kitten.  I'm very handsome and smart.  That is why Mommy picked me to be her special helper.  

Her hind-legs don't seem to work right so she drives a house-car instead of walking on her back paws like other peoples do.  That's why she needs a special helper.  

I have only been with her for a little over a week but I'm pretty sure that she is the boss of everything.  That means I have to help her with everything.  It's a really fun job.

My days go something like this...

  1. When I think she is working too hard, I pretend to eat her plant so that she'll chase me into the toy room and play.
  2. I climb up her house-car to supervise what she's doing.
  3. I help her exercise by wrestling and playing with her.
  4. Her job can be very stressful so I make her laugh as much as possible.
  5. When she is sitting on the couch watching a movie, I keep her lap warm.  

It's me, Bob!
Me and Mommy riding on her house-car.