Sunday, July 27, 2014

Happy Birthday Bob!

Savannah Cat Bob on his Birthday Catio
Hi everybody! Did you know this is a special day? I didn't. It started like most Sundays at our house. We slept in a little. Then, when I saw Mommy starting to wake up, I laid across her face to make it easier for her to kiss my belly. After she was up and in her wheelchair, we played Peek-a-Boo and then I got on her wheelchair with her and snapped her headband a couple times. She loves these fun games I think of.

Then, without warning, Mommy and Daddy both started singing to me. I thought my ears were going to bleed but I tried not to let on so I wouldn't hurt their feelings because they sure seemed happy about it. Turns out, today is my very first Birthday! That means I'm one year old. 

I got my Birthday surprise a little early but I am still accepting presents. For my big Birthday surprise, my Uncle Bob, Aunt Iris, Uncle Ian, Mommy, Daddy and my big sister Nicole all worked together and made me a Catio! I love it! They are the best! When I sit on top of my big kitty tree, I can see the whole neighborhood. Mommy says I'm going to win the Mrs. Kravits award. I can't wait!
Baby Bob
It's been a pretty fun Birthday so far. Although, I don't think it's right that I had to get a Time-Out just for trying to help Daddy with some home improvement projects. I think my paws would work way better than those silly paint brushes he uses.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Savannah Cat Bob has a case of the grumpies!

Hi everybody! I'm really grumpy today. Riding in the car doesn't really bother me as long as I'm in my crate with my Pooh blanket from Auntie Pam, and Mommy is sitting next to me. Sometimes I'll ask where we're going or if we're there yet but I don't ever get upset, cry, or go peepee on myself. 

This morning, Mommy told me it was mani/pedi day so I knew we were going to go "bye-bye in the car," as Daddy says. Everything was business as usual until we pulled out of the driveway and Daddy didn't even seem to notice that Mommy wasn't with us! I immediately panicked! 

He said that she had work to do and had to stay home. They never asked me if I was agreeable to this. I was outraged and demanded that I be allowed to call Mommy on the phone! As soon as I heard her voice, and she promised she'd never make me ride in a car without her again, I was able to calm down and stop screaming. My mani/pedi went pretty smooth. I didn't speak to Daddy the whole way home though, just so he knew I was still upset.

I'm going to take a nap now in my new bed and start this day over.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Savannah Cat Bob plays carefully with his fragile Mommy.

Hi everybody! I learned something this week that made me sad. Some people think Savannah Cats like me are mean and dangerous and should not be allowed to live in homes with our humans. I know I'm kind of clumsy and fall down a lot but I only hurt myself when I do that. I love to pounce and wrestle too but I never do that with Mommy because she is small and can get hurt really easily. Instead, we play other games.  My current favorite game to play with Mommy is Bubbles!!!

Purrrrrty please share my blog with all your friends so they can see that humans and Savannah Cats belong together!