Friday, November 21, 2014

Cold Weather Kitty

Hi, everybody! Have you noticed that the heat is totally turned off outside? In the house there are several openings in the floor that blow really warm air. They are great! I like to lay on them when my paws are cold. Sometimes I even press my face against them if my nose is cold. My favorite way to keep warm though is to snuggle with Mommy or Daddy. Sometimes I can convince Mommy to stay in bed and extra hour and that makes me super duper happy.
Bob - F3 Savannah Cat
Sometimes Mommy has to get right out of bed and get ready for work though. That makes me very grumpy. Sometimes when I'm napping with Daddy, he thinks our nap is over before I do. That makes me grumpy too.
"Please stay in bed" says Bob
I always forgive them though. They need me too much to stay upset with them...especially Mommy. For example, I know how much she likes to beat Daddy at Scrabble so I do my best to help her pick the winning letters. Then I put my toys in Daddy's slippers so he knows that I love him too.