Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Snuggle Season Approaches

Savannah Cat Bob & his Mommy
Hi everyone! Thanks for reading my blog. Everything is going pretty good for me lately but I'm a little worried about my Mommy. I think she might be shrinking. 

A few nights ago while I was guarding the neighborhood from the lookout on the catio, it got really cold. It confused me because I thought cold-time was over. Hot-time is nice because the windows are open and the squirrels can hear me yell at them. It's not very comfortable to snuggle on laps during hot-time though. I've been settling for the next-to-lap-snuggle but it just isn't the same. 

So, on this particularly chilly night, I jumped off my lookout and went to find Mommy's lap. It was just as warm and snuggly as I remembered! Her and Daddy gave me a bunch of kisses too, which made me pur! Then I tried to stretch out but I couldn't...not and stay on Mommy's lap. I had to curl myself up into a tight little ball to fit on her lap. I know her lap was big enough for me to stretch out during the last cold-time. This is why I am worried that she may be shrinking. 

Luckily, we figured out a way for most of me to be on her lap while the rest of me lays on a pillow next to her.