Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A Cat's Work Is Never Done

Bob sees all.
Hey there! Sorry I haven't blogged much lately. Now that I'm a grown-up cat, I have more responsibilities that take up most of my time. In addition to being cute and protecting our home from squirrels, I've started assisting Mommy with her new job. 

I really wish I could tell you what it is that Mommy does but I just don't get it. She still needs me to supervise though. If you can tell what is going on here, would you please explain it to me? I make my appearance at the 2:07 mark. 

Don't worry. I tasted the plaster and tested the stickiness of the tape and the sharpness of the scissors before anyone used them on Mommy. I almost lost a few whiskers but we both got through it ok.

After a long days work though, I really enjoy lounging on my Catio that I got for my Birthday. Lately though, these cats have been coming around and bothering me. They are all black with a white stripe down their backs and they smell awful. They must not bathe...ever. Disgusting! I groom myself as often as possible and never smell bad...unless I fart. I hope my parents don't let any of those smelly cats in the house because I am not sharing my toys with them.