Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Bob the Savannah Cat - Entry 013

Hi, everybody!  It's me, Bob the Savannah Cat!  I'm almost 4 months old now and life is good.  

Recently, some people in wheelchairs emailed my Mommy and said that they want a Savannah Cat too.  They are scared though, that they won't be able to play with or take care of a Savannah Cat from a wheelchair.

As you can see, I love having a Mommy who uses a wheelchair because I get to ride on it with her!  So, we decided to make a series of videos to show everybody what a great team we are!  If you learn anything from our videos, we'd love to hear about it!  

Mommy said to mention that she made the toy used in this video out of a stick she found outside, a leather cord she took off of an old handbag, and tissue paper that was stuffed in a new pair of shoes.

Oh, sorry about Mommy's lack of proper people wear.  Parents can be so embarrassing!