Friday, June 6, 2014

Savannah Cat Bob Goes To The Vet - Entry 232

Hi, Everyone!  It's me Bob. Today has been just awful. I got a booboo on my head and Mommy made me go to the Vet. 

I don't understand why I had to go because it didn't hurt until the Vet scraped it to see what it is. Mommy didn't even yell at him, like she did my old Vet who said I shouldn't eat raw chicken.

Now I have to put medicine on my booboo every day for a whole week! I don't know how long a week is but I but it's a long time. It better not mess up my fur or I'll be more mad! Mommy says that I'm getting a really big surprise soon and then I'll forget what a bad day this was. I wonder what my surprise is...