Saturday, February 8, 2014

Savannah Cat Helps Out - Entry 225

Boy oh boy, this has been a really busy week!  I have to train a whole new herd of humans on how to take care of Mommy.  It isn't easy and sometimes I have to break the rules in order to do my job properly.  

For example, I know there are counters and tables and other places that I'm not allowed but I have to jump up there to make sure the new humans are doing things right.  I have to take the first sip of Mommy's tea to make sure there is enough honey in it.  I have to thoroughly inspect the inside of the toilet to make sure they flushed it after Mommy uses it.  If they forget to flush it, then I have to bring them whatever Mommy left in there so that they never forget again.  I also do my best to taste all of their snacks to make sure they have high standards and don't try to feed Mommy junk food.  

On top of all this extra work, I still have to make sure Mommy gets enough exercise and snuggles.  It isn't easy being a Helper Cat but it sure pays well!